Marathon Half Route Map

Water Stops

All water stops will have water and  Gatorade.

There are 6 stops total plus pre and post hydration at the start and finish line.

Stop 1  Mile 2.5
Stop 2  Mile 4 – Chia bars provide by Health Warrior
Stop 3  Mile 5.75
Stop 4  Mile 7.5
Stop 5  Mile 9.25 – Chia bars provide by Health Warrior
Stop 6  Mile 10.75
We recommend that carry any additional nutrition that require.

Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms will be at start/finish area, mile 2.5 (Robbins Rd.), mile 4 (Falmouth Heights Beach parking lot) mile 5.75 (Menauhant Rd.), mile 7.5 (Menauhant Rd), mile 9.25 (Falmouth Heights Beach parking lot), mile 10.75 (Robbins Rd.).

Half Marathon Map

The Cape Cod Marathon Half race course is a fast and scenic route that hugs the Falmouth coastline of Nantucket Sound.  Designed to maximize runners’ view of Martha’s Vineyard and the beautiful waters of Nantucket Sound this out and back course is limited to one hill, the famous final hill for the Falmouth Road Race located in the Heights of Falmouth Heights.  But don’t be alarmed- this one hill occurs at miles 3.5 and 9.75 and is over before you know it.

The 2017 Cape Cod Marathon Half starts at Town Hall Square in the heart of Falmouth and proceeds down Walker St.

  • After a quick loop around Beebe Acres Rd. it proceeds to the end of Walker and makes a left onto Surf Dr.
  • The course then takes a left onto Shore St. followed by a right onto Clinton Ave.
  • At the end of Clinton it takes a left onto Scranton where it proceeds until making a right onto Robbins Rd.
  • At the end of Robbins Rd the course takes a right and follows Falmouth Heights Rd, through the finish line of the Falmouth Road Race where the road turns into Menauhant Rd.
  • The course continues on Menauhant Rd. until it forks off to the right onto Ocean Ave.
  • Traveling along Ocean Ave the course flows onto Vineyard St. until it intersects with Bridge St. where it takes a right.
  • At the end of Bridge St. the course take a right back onto Menauhant Rd and continues until the turn-around point at the intersection of Central Ave and Menauhant Rd.
  • The course then follows Menauhant Rd. all the way back to Falmouth Heights Rd..
  • After proceeding past the Falmouth Yacht Club and then the Island Queen on Falmouth Heights Rd. the course takes a left on Robbins Rd.
  • At the end of Robbins Rd. the course proceeds left onto Scranton Ave.
  • At the end of Scranton it takes a right onto Clinton Ave where it proceeds until a left onto Shore St.
  • At the end of Shore St. the course takes a right onto Surf Dr.
  • The course then follows Surf Dr. until it makes a right onto Walker St.
  • After another quick look back around Beebe Acres Rd. the course continues down Walker St. until it makes a left onto Chauncery Ln. where the finish line is located.