Cape Cod Marathon Relay



Marathon Relay Course Video

October 29, 8:30 AM Start, Main Street, Falmouth, MA

The one-loop course begins and ends at the Village Green in Falmouth center. There are five relay legs, the distances are 3.05, 6.15, 5.7, 6.0, 5.3 miles. There are four relay exchanges where the runners park and sometimes shuttle to the exchanges to pass the team slap bracelet.  same course.



 PLEASE NOTE:  The entry fee is non-refundable for any reason.

  •  2-5 Person Relay Team Entry Fee: $195 + registration fee until 200 teams have been reached

The Relay Team Captain creates a team, determines the team category (i.e. Open Male, Master’s Mixed, Corporate, etc.) and pays for the entire team. Once the Team Captain has created and paid for a team, members can join that team. To register as a member, go through the same registration link, but choose the “JOIN EXISTING TEAM” category rather than the “CREATE TEAM”. Once the captain has registered and created a name for the team, it is very important to understand when team mates go to register, the entry fee will come up on the side once again. However, as soon as the team name that the captain created is chosen, the entry fee will be taken off taken off because the captain already paid and set up the team.

  • Parking is available at the school and in the municipal lots nearby within walking distance to the start/finish line View a map of the race day parking areas.
  •  All relay team members will be guaranteed a t-shirt if registered by September 10, 2017
  • Relay teams are given a slap bracelet to be used a baton and for the team to keep
  • Last year’s biggest  hit!!!!!  A special five piece relay medal symbolizing each relay leg will be given to the last relay runner at the finish line
  • Confirmation of entry will be emailed when entry is processed
  • Bib number assignment will be emailed in October and if registered by September 10, 2017 bibs will be personalized with team names
  • The “ChronoTrack B-Tag” system will be used for timing and scoring


Age Groups and Divisions: Open: 14 – 39; Master: 40 – 49; Senior: 50 – 59; Veteran 60+, Small Business, Large Business and Municipality

Within each age group, there are 3 divisions – Men, Women, and Mixed.

The top three teams overall in Men’s, Women’s and Mixed categories will be awarded a prize.

Basic Rules:  Runners may compete in an age division younger than their age group but not visa versa. Example: a Master may be on an Open team, but an Open Division runner may not be on a Master team. A Mixed Team must have at least one member of the opposite sex.A team member must run at least one full leg, and any one runner may run up to four legs in any order chosen. Relay runners will be identified by their assigned relay bibs worn on the front and back. Exchanges will take place only at one of the designated exchange points. Teams making exchanges elsewhere may be subject to disqualification. Only one team member may cross the finish line!

Traffic Control:  To reduce traffic on the course, each team will be allowed up to two support vehicles, for which a pass will be issued for Exchanges #1-#3 and one for Exchange #4 , to access the exchange areas. It is vital for the safety of the runners that spectators’ cars stay off the course. Driving directions will be available at race headquarters to show the best viewing points and how to get to them without going on the race course. The course is not closed to traffic, so everyone’s co-operation is critical. Do not attempt to get Runner #5 to the exchange #4 if you are leaving from parking area #3, there is good chance you will not make it, runner #5 needs to be dropped off earlier.


Liability Waiver:
I hereby release the Falmouth Track Club, which organizes the events, all race officials and volunteers, the Town of Falmouth, all sponsors, USA Track & Field and all other person(s), organizations, or vendors connected with the race from any claim of damage or injury from my participation in or traveling to and from the events of the 40th Annual Cape Cod Marathon Running Weekend to include the Relay, Half Marathon, Marathon, and the Clam Chowdah Challenge on Saturday-Sunday, October 28-29, 2017. If I choose to run the full and/or the half marathon, I attest that I will be properly trained to complete the full marathon within the six-hour time limit and/or the half marathon in the three hour time limit. I also give my permission to use my likeness and publish my name in the news media. I understand that for safety reasons the use of personal electronic devices such as portable music players during the race is a safety risk. If I choose to use portable electronic devices, I accept full liability and responsibility for any injuries to me or other participants in the event and for property damage caused by my use of these devices. I also acknowledge and agree that the entry fee is non-refundable, even if the race is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the Organizers, such as, but not limited to, weather, public safety or any other situations that prevent the event from occurring safely.